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troon fit

The TroonFit Schedule will be released January 2019! View the classes below for an idea on what TroonFit is all about.
Heather Smuin
Owner - More than Fitness in Kamloops, British Columbia
- Golf Performance & Personal Training
- Level 3 TPI Certified (Titleist Performance Institute) 
- BodiTrak Certified in Golf Ground Mechanics
- CanfitPro Personal Trainer Certification

David Curtis, PGA
- Lead Teaching Professional - Westin Mission Hills Golf Academy
- 2016 PGA Desert Chapter Player of the Year
- 2016 PGA Desert Chapter Assistant's Championship
- 2017 PGA Desert Chapter Assistant Professional of the Year
- 2018 PGA Desert Chapter Associate Player of the Year

- Callaway Staffer
Class #1 Tee Off On The Right Foot:
Don't lose shots in the first few holes! Improve your game from start to finish by incorporating nutrition, hydration, and a golf specific warm-up. Golfers are athletes. Treat yourself and your game the right way!
Class #2 Move, Feel, & Play Well:
Thoracic (upper body) movement is an important element in a great shoulder turn. Combine that with core strength and your swing becomes consistent and reliable. Let us assess you to see what you can do to improve in both those areas.
Class #3 POWER!!! - King Of The Swing:
Power is generated from the ground up. POWER = DISTANCE. Strengthening your Glutes will create the power that you need. No golfer ever said they didn't want to hit the ball farther.
Class #4 Maintain Your Movement Patterns:
For your best golf - Train like the Pros! Swinging the golf club the same direction all season creates an imbalance in your muscles and your body. Let us show you the exercises you can do to keep balanced throughout the season.